Introducing The First POPOLOGIST® At Your Service!

I, Joe Rey am an experienced Commercial / Music Video Director, with an emphasis on Production Design. My works have been featured in the Museum Of Modern Art, to awarded recognition of MTV Music Video Awards for projects with the industries most POPULAR acts, artists, agencies and directors.

POPOLOGY® was an inception by Joe Rey in 2001 to better service the world at large, and the human condition. POPOLOGY® simply infers the science of POPULAR.

To be a world wide acknowledged science of POPULAR, the POPULATION is required to own it’s meaning, and digitally / linguistically profess its virtue.

A branch of science that deals with the functions of mass appeal specific to the communications and arts industries. 2. An international media education program, and a Broadcast Network targeted as a global science brand.

POPOLOGY® is a socially immersive content delivery platform. Giving users (POPOLOGIST®) the ability to “Micro-License™”, remix, and gamify copyrighted content legally, via POP COIN™!


  • Syllabification: (pop·ology)
  • USA trademark defined as the study and science of popular culture.
  • Word Mark: POPOLOGY™
  • USPTO Registration & Serial #3680886
  • Goods and Services: Educational and entertainment services, namely, a continuing program about music videos, advertising, and feature films accessible by radio, television, satellite, audio, video and computer networks; Entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring musical performances, musical videos, related film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials.
  • Sub Brand Trademark filed: 3/30/13
  • USPTO Serial #85898335
  • “POPOLOGIST®” = Class 041 Entertainment services, namely, multimedia production services; Instruction in the field of {media}.

POPOLOGY® is an international media education program. In 2013, Christopher Ciccone (Madonna’s Brother), Josh Script, Dan Rush and Joe Rey pooled their experience and resources, co-founding & www.POPOLOGY.ME , a portal where people of all ages can exchange ideas with directors, writers, actors and other related industry talents through online technology and broadcast programming.

Supporting a worldwide entertainment community, innovatively bringing mentorship of the media making experience to consumers of all ages through online technology and broadcast programming.


Richard Herstek, Award Winning Creative Director and Writer expresses this about POPOLOGY®:

“As a brand-name, POPOLOGY™ instantly conjures up a color palette. Electric. Vibrant. Fun. Everything people in the entertainment industry are looking for. It has a classic feel to it, yet with a contemporary flair. It does for us what “Modernista” did in the advertising industry: It is hip, solid, forward-thinking and inventive”. “POPOLOGY™ suggests that we are students of popular culture. Which is the bedrock of the advertising, music and film industries. It’s unique. It’s memorable”.

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