Announcement Popular Coin™ aka POPCOIN™ Redistribution Coin Swap and New Chain

POPCOIN™ Redistribution
Coin Swap and New Chain

4 years into the Current Popular Coin™ Chain and we have come a long way!

From the beginning Popular Coin™ (POP) has promised to be just like Popular Culture and always redefining itself.

Now is the time for redefinition!

In the past we have considered a redistribution and upgraded source code and were thinking of doing it potentially after the New POPNOMICS™ app is built. Visit POPNOMICS.COM or read the White Paper for more information on the app.

It has became clear that we would be able to go ahead and do a redistribution coin swap as we start building the app and while we have only a few exchanges that will need to work with us for the redistribution will be our best option.

After chatting with team members in our forums and getting positive feedback from them there have been no users that are against a redistribution. Most users have already subjected their ideas on what they would like to see.

What we hope to accomplish with the redistribution:

  • Adds Proof of Stake
  • Adds Paid Masternodes
  • Adds Funding for Dev
  • New Chain, faster syncing and installation
  • Works to better facilitate the POPNOMICS™ App
  • Uses Newest Technology and Security
  • Uses Newest Consensus Algorithms

This is the First Official Announcement and as soon as we have hashed out any issues and build the best code for this new chain we will be able publish the release date. We are hoping to have the new chain ready and released within the next 3 months, and app ready by summertime!

Once the new chain is ready we will launch it with a 1 to 1 redistribution ratio with the support of the POP exchanges. The old chain will close any rewards and simply exist as Popular Coin™ aka POPCOIN™ (Original Chain) in order to facilitate users trading the old coins for coins from the new chain.

We are still in the phase of designing the build for the new chain and request users input.

This Post thread will be open to comments of suggestions and opinions of the users and we can hash out any issues we may have right here.

At this point the Popular Coin™ group of developers would like to request users input for programming some added Popular Coins that can specifically go to development, this can be included in the original blocks where the equivalent of the current total coins or we can even create a standard % of the inflation that goes to development.

(For at least two Weeks we will be taking comments. If there are not many comments we will take that as a message form users that the dev team is making the right move and that everyone is on board with what has been written here.)

We encourage all users input here and look forward to it.

Thank you,

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