How to Use the Popular Coin Windows Wallet Block Chain Installer to Speed Up the Sync Process

The Popular Coin Computer Wallet is a key component to how the entire POP network is held together and how it functions.

When a new user joins the network their computer connects with other computers that have wallets open on the network. Once the new user connects with another user that is already on the network their computer will connect and start to download the blockchain. The blockchain is the list of all of the transactions that have ever occurred on the Popular Coin network.

One of the major reasons that Popular Coin and Bitcoin is so secure is because of this feature. All of the computer wallets on the network have downloaded the exact same list of transactions that have occurred so they all can confirm together the transactions that have happened.

Once the new users wallet starts to sync it will process through every single block that has happened on the network and gain more connections usually around 10-20 connections total.

Once a users wallet is fully synced with the network it is best for them to keep the wallet open on their computer as often as possible so that they can help out everyone else on the network that needs to sync their wallet too.

In order to recover funds in a wallet or to send Popular Coins from the wallet, it must be fully synced with the network in order for your transaction to be included in the most up to date block.

Sometimes the process of syncing your computer wallet with the Popular Coin block chain can take a while depending on how many other people are trying to sync wallets at the time.

Here a Popular Coin user has put together a program that automatically installs the blockchain for a windows computer. All you have to do is follow these steps run the install program and it will save you the time of syncing the whole blockchain by updating the whole blockchain at one time.

Step 1 (Download Wallet and Installer)

  • Download the Windows Popular Coin Wallet and the Blockchain Installer
    Click here to download the Popular Coin Wallet
    Click here to download the Blockchain Installer

Step 2 (Open Popular Coin Wallet)

  • Move the Popular Coin Wallet Exe from its zip folder to your desktop.
  • Double click on the wallet icon to open and run the app
  • Once your wallet is open you will see a splash screen with fireworks and then the wallet will open.
  • Now since we are going to auto install the blockchain instead of syncing the whole thing one block at a time we need to close the Popular Coin wallet app. Click the x button and close the Popular Coin wallet for now.

Step 3 (Open and Install the Blockchain Installer)

  • Download the POPBlockChain-Installer-v1.msi file and drag and save the POPChain Installer folder onto your desktop.
  • Now we can double click to run the installer
  • The installer will lead you through the process, just pay attention and continue clicking next to get through.

Step 4 (Run the Installer)

  • Now that we have it ready we can run the installer, first search your computer for the app POPCoinBlockchainInstaller, once you find the installer double click on it or run it
  • When the installer opens you will see the option to “Load Blockchain Files” go ahead and select that and the blockchain installation will start.
  • Now the entire blockchain is downloading which is about 1gb of data so make sure there is room for it on your computer. To download all of the blockchain may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Once you are done downloading the blockchain you can select the option to remove the zip folder and close the wallet installer program. You can also go ahead and uninstall the wallet installer as you will not be needing it anymore.

Step 5 (Open your Popular Coin wallet and allow it to Reindex the Blockchain)

  • You are almost done, now all we need to do is reopen the Popular Coin wallet so go to wherever you have the wallet Qt app saved and double click it to open.
  • You will see the Popular Coin Splash screen and will just need to let it idle here. It may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours for the wallet to reindex the entire blockchain based on how fast your processor is.
  • The splash screen will just stay until the reindex is complete. If you need to close the Wallet you can and reopen later to continue the process. Eventually the wallet will be completely reindexed and your blockchain will be synced up to date with the network.

Now that you have used the installer and have a wallet that is completely synced you can help the other (less savvy) POP users sync their wallets by keeping your wallet open on the network!

Dont forget to thank Popology Member Krank for writing the installer by sending a nice POP tip.

Click here or the Opensource POP Blockchain Installer Github Repository.

Just let us know in the comments if you have any questions.


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