The POP Swap Procedure – And Extra Bonus for PopularCoin™ Version 2.0 Swap is On!

Extra Bonus!!

In addition to the 5% staking reward users who Swap at ALSO get a percentage of the unswapped coins after the swap period!

As the users particpate in the POP Swap  the market transaction data is kept on record at MeanXtrade.  For Specific Swap Information Goto:

At the end of the swap period in January of 2020, all of the remaining PopularCoins will be split between all of the users who participated in the swap traded POP V.1 to POP V.2 on

For Example, if you trade in 2 Million POP through MeanXtrade and at the end of the 2 years, that 2 Million, is a total of 1.2% of all the coins that were traded during the swap, then you get 1.2% of all the remaining POP Coins!
So, If 10% of all the POP doesn’t get traded in the swap then at the end of the two year period all the people that Swapped get to split the remainder!

All the market data will be tracked.

The key is that users need to maintain their MeanXtrade account for the two years until the Swap Round is Complete at which Point their account will be credited based on how many PopularCoins they traded During the Swap.

For information on how to back up your PopularCoin V.1 Coins and Get ready for the swap you can learn more here:

Once your Coins are Backed up and ready to go, you can then send them to where you will find the POP Swap Market Available for you to swap the coins 1 for 1.

Once you have performed the swap you can leave your POP coins on or you can send them to your Computer App wallet so that you can get started minting at 5%. To download the wallet visit when the new webfront is released.

Just let us know in a comment here or on telegram if you have any questions.

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