5% Annual Return

Proof of Stake

OpenSource Blockchain Currency

Est. 2014

Trading Ticker (POP)


Decentralized Blockchain Licensing Repository

Backed by the Popular Coin™ Trademark

Licence Providers

Create all your licenses and pay royalties from the PopularCoin™ Blockchain on your own accord with no monthly fees. The PopularCoin™ Decentralized Network is secured by two forms minting so you can be assured that your license information will not be changed in any way once it is published.

Licensors click here to learn more about using the
PopularCoin™ blockchain to store your licensing agreements

Earn 5% Yearly Interest

Holding PopularCoin™ Gets You 5% More POP Coins Yearly On Average

Popular Coins are first eligible to Mint 2 hours after they have been transferred and after 30 days their chance of success is maximized. If you mint more often your earnings will compound. Minting most effective over 5 million POP.

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