Popular Coin™ (POP) aka POPCOIN™ - Open Source Digital Currency - Based from Litecoin and Bitcoin

POPCOIN™ trading ticker (POP)

New Wallets, New Webfront, New Chain,
and New 3d Mint Image Launching

June 16

Release Date June 16

Popular Coin™ developers have Released POPCOIN™ v8.1 Wallets that are Now Available for download.

The New PopularCoin Version 8.1 Wallets are here! This is a mandatory wallet update. Download the wallet for your operating system of choice as soon as possible!

Click herefor instructions on installing the new wallet.


Popular Coins POPNOMICS™ Social Economics Platform™

The NEW PONOMICS™ Social Economics System Webportal/APP is Launching Mid Summer! The Ongoing project of Popular Coin™ and popology has came to an end. We are Still Building Social Economics App where users can get POP by Curating and Watching Web Film, Television, Music, and Images through the Social Media Utility. Now branded as POPNOMICS™ App Users can also Build an audience with their Published Media and Earn POPCOIN™ as well as receiving POP for participating other POPNOMICS™ users media. For the Beta Launch the App will Focus on a basic MEME Generator that will get users paid for particpating!

Click here to Visit POPNOMICS.COM

It's Popular Coin™

Instant Transactions

Across the Globe

Getting Started

1. Educate Yourself

POPCOIN™ is easy to use and fun to be a part of. Before you start using Popular Coin™ you should get to know what POP has to offer and how to use securely to avoid mistakes.

2. Choose Your Wallet

First time users should Make a Computer Wallet if they can, to learn the technology. You can also make a Paper Wallet for Cold Storage, or Use One of our Exchanges as a WebWallet for Mobile.

3. Get Popular Coins

You can get PopularCoins by mining, accepting them as a payment, buying them from someone, or you can trade for them by purchasing bitcoin or litecoin & trading them for POP.

4. Use Popular Coins

There is a Growing Number of Products and Services Accepting PopularCoin™. Use Your POP to instantly make Payments and Purchases via the global web.

Key Features

Super Fast
Instant Transactions
51 second block Spacing,
6 Blocks for full network confirmation.

Easily Transfer POP to and from anywhere on the globe via the peer to peer wallet network.

Low to None TX Fee
Send POPCOIN™ across the Globe for No Transaction Fee! Small tx fees of up to 0.029 on large data transactions(rare). 

100% OpenSource Available for Anyone to View and Make Improvements to the Source Code.

The Popular Coin™ Network is facilitated by its users and is available throughout the entire global web structure.

Digital Wallet
Create a Digital POPCOIN™ Wallet on your Computer, On Paper, and even on your
Mobile Device. 

Store of Value
With Low Inflation POP is a Great Way to Store Value. Your Wallet Can hold Large Sums and Is Easily Securable.

Encrypt your Wallet with a Private Key or Passphrase to Ensure that your PopularCoins are Safe.

POP Data Ticker
Watch the Popular Coin™ Data Ticker and See Realtime Api Market Trading Info.  

Explore Transactions 
The Popular Coin™ Block Chain of Transactions is Open for anyone to View and Verify.

The Network is Here to Help you Learn More about this New way of Transferring Wealth.

User Designed
PopularCoin™ is 100% Open Source for anyone to contribute to development in all areas.

Developers are Encouraged to experiment with and contribute to the Popular Coin™ Source.

Team Effort
The Users are what really gives PopularCoin™ Value, everyone works together to hold up the network and trade. 

Vote - Whats Popular?
Vote for the PopularCoin™ Art of the Month. Vote with POP Coins for your favorite Artwork.

Forums and Support 
Get involved by coming to our forums and join in on the conversation or get answers to any question. 

PopularCoin™ Wallets

PC Wallet Downloads

Creating a Wallet on your Computer is Easy. Here you can click the link to your preferred operating system and download the wallet. Once you have it downloaded Open Your New POPCOIN™ Wallet and and Let it sync with the POPCOIN™ Network. It might take a while for your wallet to sync with the network and once the wallet is in sync you will be ready to send and receive PopularCoins! Users are encouraged to keep a wallet open on their PC to speed up and expand the POP Network and to Make the Network Even more Secure.

Paper Wallet

Create a Paper Wallet with its own wallet Address and a Secret (Private Key) Password
Use Tamper Evident Security tape to ensure that the Private Key will not be Viewed until the wallet is opened.
To Import  PopularCoins from Your Paper Wallet to Your PC Wallet and for More Information click here. 

Popular Coin™ Exchanges

Mobile/Web Wallets

Visit the POP Exchanges and trade PopularCoins in an array of trading pairs, from bitcoin, litecoin and hundreds of alt coins to almost every fiat currency in the world POP exchanges meet all of your needs in converting to and from PopularCoin™.
POPCOIN™ Exchanges also Serve as WebWallets where you can Signup, Login and Get your POP Immediately!
All from your SmartPhone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop Computer

POP Charts and Ranking

PopularCoin™ MarketCap

Visit the PopularCoin™ Marketcap Showcase on coinmarketcap.com where you can find POPs rank, marketcap with charts, current value, total supply, and 24hr volume.

Popular Coin™ Mining

Currency Mining

Coin Generation

The only way that PopularCoins are Generated is by Mining them. The way that PopularCoin™ transactions are processed is by miners connecting their computers with the network and processing the data. When they process the transaction data every 51 seconds a block of information is generated and the person who's computer processes that part of the code gets 99 coins. By connecting to a pool it strengthens the likelyhood of solving a block and then the pool splits the reward.


Scrypt Algo
51 Second Block Spacing
99 Coins Per Block
Super POP Bonus Mining Rewards
5000X Reward Every 10,000th Block
5x Reward - 4 per hour
10x Reward - 1 per hour
25x Reward - 12 per day
50x Reward - 1 per day
100x Reward - 1 per week
500x Reward - 1 per month
10000x Reward - 6 per year


Cryptopia Marketplace

Not only can you Buy POPCOIN™ and Mine POP on Cryptopia, they also Have an entire Ebay-like Marketplace available for you to buy and sell goods with POP! With user ratings, a buy now feature as well as auction style markets Cryptopia is your One Stop CryptoShop!

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