Popular Coin POW Scrypt Mining Pools and Information Specifications Configuration

Popular Coin Proof of Work Minting

Coin Generation

The only way that PopularCoins are Generated is by Mining them. The way that PopularCoin™ transactions are processed is by miners connecting their computers with the network and processing the data. When they process the transaction data every 180 seconds a block of information is generated and the person who’s computer processes that part of the code gets 99 coins. By connecting to a pool it strengthens the likelyhood of solving a block and then the pool splits the reward.

Official Pools:

Scrypt Algorithm Proof of Work (PoW)

Mining Payout and Transaction Processing:

Base Rewards:

99 POP Coins Per Block (first 6 months)
49 POP Coins Per Block (second 6 months)
9 POP Coins Per Block (Indefinitely)

50 Blocks for Full Confirmation
180 Second Block Spacing
Difficulty Retarget Every Block

Epic 1,000x POP Reward Every 10,000 Blocks

Bonus Rewards
2x Reward – 7 per hour
5x Reward – 2 per hour
10x Reward – 1 per hour
25x Reward – 12 per day
100x Reward – 1 per day
500x Reward – 1 per week
2500x Reward – 1 per month
5000x Reward – 6 per year

RPC Server Daemon: ./popcoind

Core Directories:

Windows < Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\PopCoinCore

Windows >= Vista: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\PopCoinCore

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/PopCoinCore

Unix: ~/.popcoincore

Sample popcoin.conf

rpcport=27171 port=18181

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