About PopularCoin™ core POPCOIN™ Hybrid Scrypt Proof of Stake / Proof of Work

PopularCoin Version 2.0

Main website https://www.popularcoin.com

Established 2014 as POPCOIN™ Core and POPULARCOIN™ Client Visit https://www.popcoin.info for establishment information

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What is PopularCoin?

PopularCoin™ core POPCOIN™ trading ticker POP is an open source currency for people to mine and trade with a team of developers that is dedicated in ethically working to raise the value for every wallet owner. What makes POPCoin™ Socially Inspirational is how it plays on very specific words that are imprinted into culture, POP and Popular. Keeping this in mind, POP development has been and will continue to be based on a play to those words with POPNOMICS Social Economic System.

For an immediately useable, binary version of the PopularCoin™ client software, see https://github.com/Pop-Currency-Foundation/PopularCoin/releases

Scrypt Hybrid PoW/PoS

  • Average Block Spacing: 180 Seconds
  • 2 Block Transaction Confirmations
  • Difficulty Retarget Every Block
  • 50 Confirmations for Minting

Proof of Stake

Click here for full Proof of Stake Minting Information

  • Block Spacing: 180 Seconds
  • 5% Annual Stake Minting Rewards
  • Staking begins Within 2hrs With Wallet left Open
  • Stake Weight Chance of Success Maximized at 30 days

Proof of Work

Click here for Full Proof of Working Mining Information and Pools

Block Spacing: 180 Seconds

Base Reward:

  • Block 1000 – 87600 = 99 Coins per block (6 months)
  • Block 87600 – 175200 = 49 Coins per block (6 months)
  • Block 175200 – Indefinitely = 9 Coins per block (Indefinitely)

POP Blocks X Rewards:

1000x every 10k blocks

7 Per Hour 2x
2 Per Hour 5x
1 Per Hour 10x
12 Per Day 25x
1 Per Day 100x
1 Per Week 500x
1 Per Month 2500x
6 Per Year 5000x


RPC Server Daemon: ./popcoind

Core Directories:

Windows < Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\PopCoinCore

Windows >= Vista: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\PopCoinCore

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/PopCoinCore

Unix: ~/.popcoincore

Sample popcoin.conf

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