Popular Coin™ Announces the Launch of Version 2.0 Chain and New Website

Popular Coin™ has released POPCOIN™ core Chain Version 2.0 along with a new website and 3-d mint image!

You can check out the new website now! https://www.popularcoin.com

There you can find links to download the new wallet: https://www.popularcoin.com/#wallets

The new chain has the Same POP mining rewards with a bonus of 5% yearly for POP holders. All users have to do is keep their POP Coins on their computer wallet for periods of time and they will receive the 5% annual extra POP!

Now that the Popular Coin™ v2.0 chain is available, users can visit MeanXtrade and perform their swap from the old chain. A key to note is that the old chain starts with Q and the new chain starts with P, and the two wallets can be open on the same machine at the same time.

For information on how to swap your old “PopularCoin Classic” ticker “POPC” coins for the updated PopularCoin™ v2.0 visit this link:   https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/the-pop-swap-procedure-and-extra-bonus-for-popularcoin-version-2-0-swap-is-on-2

To keep up to date with how many coins have been swapped you can use this link: https://www.meanxtrade.com/swap/dashboard/1

For More Information on Minting:

PoS Minting link:  https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/how-to-mine-proof-of-stake-minting-popular-coin-from-your-home-wallet

PoW Minting link: https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/popular-coin-popcoin-core-pow-scrypt-mining-pools-information-specifications


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