Popular Coin™ Announces the Launch of Version 2.0 Chain and New Website

Popular Coin™ has released POPCOIN™ core Chain Version 2.0 along with a new website and 3-d mint image!

You can check out the new webfront with 3-d rotating Popular Coin image now! https://www.popularcoin.com

There you can find links to download the new wallet: https://www.popularcoin.com/#wallets

POP PoW mining rewards with a PoS bonus of 5% yearly for POP holders. All users have to do is keep their POP Coins on their computer wallet for periods of time and they will receive the 5% annual extra POP!

For More Information on Minting:

PoS Minting link:  https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/how-to-mine-proof-of-stake-minting-popular-coin-from-your-home-wallet

PoW Minting link: https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/popular-coin-popcoin-core-pow-scrypt-mining-pools-information-specifications

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