Popular Coin™ Decentralised Blockchain Licensing Repository

Popular Coin™ Licensing Repository

You can use the Popular Coin™ blockchain to create all your licenses and pay royalties from the PopularCoin™ Blockchain on your own accord with no monthly fees. The PopularCoin™ Decentralized Network is secured by two forms minting so you can be assured that your license information will not be changed in any way once it is published.

Licensors first create a public and private key that is committed as their enterprise address.

Once the Licensor has a public address they can start creating licenses. The Popular Coin™ developers even offer a custom large scale wallet solution for licensors to handle all of the royalties on their licenses. Complete with autopay commands based from the license information generated.

The command to create a license:

createlicense popwallettaddresslicensee "#99458992 license codes and specifics go here" "License to user information goes here"

The command to view all licenses generated by licensors public address:
getlicenses licensorspublicaddressgoeshere

Once a License is published on the PopularCoin™ blockchain it will be visible and verifiable throughout the global web on the decentralized blockchain which is secured by two forms of mining, Proof of Work, at 180 second blocks and 5% yearly return on investment Proof of Stake Minting.

Licensors Sign Up for beta:

Licensors are requested to send the PopularCoin™ dev team an email to licensing@popularcoin.com for more information and to sign up for beta.

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