Popular Coin Announcing Surprise Unveiling at this Years Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit

Popular Coin (POP)Announcing Surprise Unveiling
at this Years Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit
This Year at the Blockchain Summit in Washinton DCPopular Coin Founder Josh Gold will Unveil a New POPNOMICS Logo and Give a Speech Regarding the Importance of Social Currency on the Blockchain!

Along with the Presentation Popular Coin is Set to Airdrop 5 Million Popular Coins the first day 21st and another Airdrop on the second day the 22nd if there is good feedback from attendees and POPNOMICS Players!

Along with the Airdrops Popular Coin will be giving away 2 Litecoin! 1 Litecoin for the Washington Elite Attendee who scores the most Points for the day of the 22nd On POPNOMICS, and 1 Litecoin for the Attendee who has the Post With the Most Points for the day of the 22nd.

For this Event, Popular Coin has Teamed with Washington Elite and is offering a 10% discount to everyone who uses the DISCOUNT CODE “PopularCoin” when completing the ticket via the main site at washingtonelite.com or through eventbright.
Click here to Attend the Washington Blockchain Summit
New Functionality Added to POPNOMICS – Popular Coins Crypto Social Media5,000,000 POP Airdrop Coming on June 19th!Signup at POPNOMICS.COM today in order to Participate and win a Large Amount of Popular Coin (POP)!
With POPNOMICS New Group Functionality Group Members Can Get Paid Passively for being a Member!

When posts are created to a Group on POPNOMICS the Entire Group Wins POP Points when the post is Reacted to or Shared!

When a Group Post is Reacted to the Player who Created the Post Gets 25 POP Points like usual and now the entire group gets 25 POP Points too. When the post is shared, the Player who made the post gets 100 POP Points and the group gets 100 points too.

At the end of the day the groups points are converted into Popular Coin (POP)and then the Popular Coin (POP) is evenly split among all of the groups players! So if the group wins 100 Popular Coin (POP) and there are 10 players, each player gets 10 Popular Coin (POP) at the end of the day!

All of the groups funding that a player is a member is added together at the end of the day each player receives a groups payout along with their daily payout!

Visit POPNOMICS.com/Groups/Leaderboard to see all of the groups and find out which groups are most Popular and Leading the Platform!
At POPNOMICS.COM Our Web App is still in Beta and Our Team is Adding New Functions Daily!

POPNOMICS Players Get Paid When Their Content is Reacted to and When it is Shared!

There are Many other Ways for Players to generate POP Points throughout the day in order to get Paid! At the end of each day POP Points Are Converted into Popular Coin (POP)!
Join POPNOMICS.COM and Earn Popular Coin (POP) Today
For More Information about the Washington Elite Blockchain Summit in Washington DC

Click here
The exciting lineup of speakers at the conference will feature the likes of world renowned hacker, John McAfee, space pioneer, Rick Tumlinson, Liberland President, Vit Jedlicka, GlobalBoost CEO, Bruce Porter Jr, Josh Gold of Popular Coin, and many others. Topics discussed by the speakers will range from artificial intelligence to identity, augmented reality and virtual reality to STOs, KYC and blockchain.

Join us in Washington DC on June 21th and 22th Click here (don’t forget to use the DISCOUNT CODE “PopularCoin” for 10% off admission!)

There is also a FREE pre-summit rally this Friday

See you In Washington and on POPNOMICS!

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