Popular Coin Introducing ?POPNOMICS ?POP Cloud at Cost on The Social Media That Pays

?POPNOMICS Cloud at Cost

  • ?POPNOMICS Cloud Gives Every Player 1gb of Free Storage at Signup!
  • Every Player on ?POPNOMICS Has Their Own Cloud!
  • Each Players Cloud can be accessed at @playerhandle/cloud
  • Players Can Create New Folders and Add Images, Videos, and Audio to their Cloud!
  • All Folders and Files are Accessable Via The Web!
  • ?POPNOMICS Cloud is Expandable for a 1 Time Fee
  • Your Cloud is Maintained and Backed Up Indefinitely by ?POPNOMICS


How to Manage Your ?POPNOMICS Cloud

  • Visit your personal cloud at popnomics.com/@playerhandle/cloud
  • Select 1 of 4 Folder Options and Name the Folder
    • Public – Anyone Can View the Contents of the Folder
    • Private – Only Your Friends on POPNOMICS Can View the Contents of the Folder
    • Paywall – A ?POPNOMICS User Must Pay Your Chosen Amount of POP in order to View the Contents of the Folder
    • Password Protected – In order to view the Folder a Password Must be correctly inputted
  • Create New Folders Within Each Folder
  • Add Files, Images, Videos, and Audio

Login to ?POPNOMICS Today and get started with 1GB of Free Cloud Storage Space!


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