Popular Coins POPNOMICS™ App WhitePaper 2018

POP Economy™
Circular Social Economic System™
White Paper


Popular Coin™ (POP)


The world is primed for the revolution of currency. Bitcoin and other new forms of currency are paving the way for financial systems of the future. It is time for a circular economic ecosystem which integrates social media that is centered around artistic expression and community rewards to pave the way for economies of the future to become self-dependent and geared toward rewarding the users rather than large corporations. Social media and viral trending is currently being used by most platforms to extract user data for profits and the users are not rewarded for their participation. It is time that the wealth is put back into the hands of the users. Not only with their user activity data but with their having to deal with advertisements, users are extracted of all their value while using the platforms that offer no compensation for participation. On top of all of that there is a banking system that is based on fractional reserve lending which holds the interest of the banks over the interest of the consumers creating trillions of dollars in debt rendering most national currencies loosing value. The usage of crypto currencies is trending, more and more people are looking to the new form of processing transactions and holding wealth. We are lucky enough to have the great opportunity of being in the spot light of Popular Culture, living in a time with an overloading amount of new people getting into the world of crypto currencies. Crypto currency interest is surging and the time to buy is now. As more users bring their money into the markets certainly the value of the currencies will grow. And why can’t things just be fun, where we are all benefiting from everything we do? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could come together over a project that has the potential of benefiting everyone in the world? Madonna herself, the Queen of POP said it best when she said “I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.” and “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”  Now this is certainly something to strive for, giving people a freedom of expression and a copacetic apparatus to make it happen.


The need to facilitate digital web transactions is growing every day. All across the world people and businesses are turning toward the web for solutions to process transactions. The problem with most internet transactions today is that they rely on a third party to process the transactions. What would be a more productive way of sending funds is a way to make an online transaction peer-to-peer (person to person). To get away from relying on banks to process transactions as a third party, according to Satoshi Nakamoto creator of Bitcoin, “A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution” (2009)[1]. What makes Popular Coin™ even better than just a peer-to-peer method of exchange is that POP is open source for programmers to build on and upgrade by submitting their changes to the Popular Coin™ github repository. Along with that, anyone can view and verify the source code to see how it is functioning which ensures that there are no loopholes or backdoors. Being peer-to-peer and mineable also eliminates the need for high transaction fees and the Popular Coin™ blockchain will continue to process transactions with zero fees where third party payment processors require fees to fund the overhead costs of a server and network.

The blockchain technology developed by Satoshi Nakamoto and adopted by Popular Coin™ has pioneered and paved the way for encrypted peer-to-peer transactions. With currency miners connecting to the network and processing the transactions no third central party is needed leaving Popular Coin™ freely available to use via the global internet structure for super-fast peer-to-peer transactions. Bitcoin technology has disrupted the current financial systems and proved itself as a currency and a great way to store value. The Popular Coin™ digital wallet can be installed on any operating system and serves as place to safely store POP value. The wallet can be easily secured by encrypted password or passphrase and if used correctly is very safe.

With the U.S. dollar and many national currencies declining in value the products that people pay for are becoming relatively more and more expensive. As Bill Still explains in his documentary The Money Masters, “The central bank scam is really a hidden tax. The nation sells bonds to central bank to pay for things it does not have the political will to pay for. But the bonds are purchased with the money that the central bank creates out of nothing. More money in circulation makes your money worth less. The government gets as much money as it needs and the people pay for it in inflation.” (1996)[2]. Popular Coin™ lays outside of this inflation. Like Gold and other precious metals, there is only a set number of Popular Coins that will be ever be generated and extra Popular Coins cannot be created “out of nothing”.

Crypto Currencies are breaking through and becoming a well known and trusted source of investment and trade. Max Keiser was recently quoted saying “The cryptocurrency market cap will top the trillion dollar level and hit multi-trillion levels because it has this amazing quantum effect, pulling all the fiat money into the Bitcoin black hole store of value.” (2018)[3]. With the world of crypto currencies booming with new interest and involvement the time is just right to make the move. The world and Popular Culture is ready for crypto currencies to be accepted as main stream.

What is needed is a way to bring everyone together and connect the world of Social Media with the world of crypto currencies. Popular Coin™ is the best and most obvious choice because it is the coin that is built for the challenge. Crypto currency is something that is exciting to be a part of and Popular Coin™ takes can take this excitement to its fullest extent.

Whenever someone likes or shares something on social media, it can be seen as a transaction, in most cases with current popular social media it is a purely social interaction. When currency exchange is applied to that “transaction” we can see the true value of our social interactions. When Artists, Viewers, and Advertisers (Products) combine on a social platform which pays users for participation it creates a circular social economic system where the funds move from Advertiser to Viewer and Artist who then are funded to purchase the Advertisers products which completes the loop and allows for the velocity of money.

According to Investopedia “The velocity of money is the rate at which money is exchanged from one transaction to another. It also refers to how much a unit of currency is used in a given period of time. Simply put, it’s the rate at which people spend money. The velocity of money is usually measured as a ratio of gross national product (GNP) to a country’s total supply of money. Velocity is important for measuring the rate at which money in circulation is used for purchasing goods and services, as this helps investors gauge how robust the economy is, and is a key input in the determination of an economy’s inflation calculation. ” (2018)[4]. When there is a Velocity of Money everyone in the economy benefits and the value of the currency is propelled.

What makes something Popular? Well part if it is what people personally get out of something that makes it Popular. Maybe they like the way it sounds or looks, maybe people agree with what it is saying, maybe it literally gives a reward, either way people are getting something out of it. If they weren’t getting anything out of it, people wouldn’t give it any attention at all. What if there was an app that actually rewarded and paid people for their social media activity? How Popular would something like that be?

Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, and telegram have become a key component to everyday life for Popular Culture. People spread memes, communicate messages and participate all within their personal groups on social media. According to an article published on Social Media Today “Teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms, while 30% of all time spent online is now allocated to social media interaction. And the majority of that time is on mobile – 60% of social media time spent is facilitated by a mobile device.” (2017)[5]. What if during all that time spent they were actually being paid? That is what happens with the new form of PoP payout in Popular Coin™ via a wallet application that also functions as a social media platform and payment gateway.

Once people get involved and start learning about Popular Coin™ they are hooked! Popular Coin™ being user designed gives users the ability add input into webfront development, marketing advice like helping with @popularcoin twitter posts, and even working on the source code and providing suggestions to developers for improvements. Raising the value Popular Coin™ is a team effort and the users are a great source of added value. Users are encouraged to take ownership of Popular Coin™ and use it to market and promote in their own personal way.

Popular Coin™ (POP):

Popular Coin™ – trading ticker (POP) core POPCOIN™, is a hybrid 5% Annual  PoS/PoW Scrypt algorithm alternative crypto currency based from the open source of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, and NovaCoin with a faster block speed and more mining rewards with multiple reward epic POP blocks.

The goal of Popular Coin™ is to ride the wave of Popularity and teach the fundamentals of crypto currencies. Popular Coin’s scrypt algorithm based off the source of Litecoin allows for POP to be mined with the graphics card on your computer. The Development of Popular Coin™ is based on a play to the socially imprinted words POP and Popular. Popular Coin™ has 180 second block spacing for both PoS and PoW with 99 coins as the base PoW reward per block with extra bonus “POP” mining rewards.

Popular Coin™ promises to remain simple to use and easy to learn. Anyone can easily pick up and understand the Popular Coin™ technology by visiting the website and using the applications. The Popular Coin™ wallet will continue to be developed with simple functions so that it is not to overwhelm new users.

A View of the PopularCoin™ Wallet App

Popular Coin™ is intended for entertainment and learning. First and fore most Popular Coin™ is intended to be fun! Like Popular Coin’s core name “POP COIN” sounds like “POP Corn” how much fun is that? POP’s purpose in fun is to bring people together to learn and communicate regarding this new way of holding wealth. Popular Coin™ can teach the fundamentals of crypto currencies to new users and help them understand blockchain technology in a way that is fun and exciting.

What is the Magic Behind Popular Coin™? What makes Popular Coin™ Different? Just like popular culture, Popular Coin™ (POP) will always be changing and redefining itself. Popular Coin™ is owned by the users and the users are what gives Popular Coin™ its value. If the users decide that Popular Coin needs a new development or accommodate a new feature, the code can be rewritten, putting Popular Coin™ far ahead of the competition. This ability to modify and adapt is a core focus of Popular Coin™ which will lead to even more innovations in the future and even those that have not yet been thought up.

Popular Coin™ (POP) is dedicated to providing low transaction fees. Even when the value of Popular Coin™ reaches the point where the transaction fees become expensive the code will be rewritten to lower the cost of transactions to the users.

The only way that Popular Coins are generated is by Proof of Work Script Mining or Proof of Stake Minting at 5% Annual based on holdings. The way that Popular Coin™ transactions are processed is when miners and minters connect their computers with the network and process the transaction data which ultimately generates the rewards for them. When people mine and process the transaction data every 180 seconds a block of information is generated and the person whos computer processes the ending part of the code gets base 99 coins or a minting reward based on their holdings. The block of data generated is closed and added to the Popular Coin™ blockchain which is a complete catalogue of every Popular Coin™ transaction that has taken place that is open for anyone to view and verify transactions.

Diagram of Blockchain formation


To visit the Popular Coin™ Blockchain go to: www.popularcoin.com:3751/

Proof of Stake (PoS)
Minting Payout and Transaction Processing:

5% Annual Interest on Staking
50 Confirmations for Minting
180 Second Block Spacing

  • 2 Block Transaction Confirmations

Scrypt Algorithm Proof of Work (PoW)
Mining Payout and Transaction Processing:

Base Rewards

99 POP Coins Per Block (first 6 months)
49 POP Coins Per Block (second 6 months)
99 POP Coins Per Block (Indefinitely)

50 Blocks for Full Confirmation
180 Second Block Spacing
Difficulty Retarget Every Block

Epic 1,000x POP Reward Every 10,000 Blocks
Bonus Rewards

2x Reward – 7 per hour
5x Reward – 2 per hour
10x Reward – 1 per hour
25x Reward – 12 per day
100x Reward – 1 per day
500x Reward – 1 per week
2500x Reward – 1 per month
5000x Reward – 6 per year

Inflation Economics Chart
Based on The Maximum Amount of Users Minting
(actual numbers will most likely be less for POS Inflation)


Circular Social Economic System
An Adventure into the Velocity of Money
POP Economy™ POPPing Up Daily

Dedicated to Funding Viewers, Artists, and Advertisers:

  • The Number One Goal of POPNOMCS™ is Funding the Users that View Media
  • The Number Two Goal of POPNOMICS™ is Funding the Artists Who Create the Media that is Viewed
  • Finally, after the Users and Artists have Been Paid, they have the Funds Available to Purchase Goods from their Preferred Advertisers on POPNOMICS™
  • All Users are Paid based on Advertisement Sales, if we want to have Money, there has to be Sales.

POPNOMICS™ POP Economy™ Core Functions

    • Serves as Social Media Platform
    • Serves as Popular Coin™ Wallet
    • Serves as Marketplace
    • Serves as POP Payment Gateway
  • POP’s UP Daily and Makes Payout to all Users

In the POPNOMICS™ app users and artists receive POP by creating and participating web media such as Videos, Images, Music, and Games through the Circular Social Economic System. As artists build an audience with their personalized artist page they earn PopularCoin™ as well as Earn POP by participating in other artists media.

The mission of POPNOMICS™ is to ensure that artists and viewers are not extracted of their personal value with no compensation while participating in social media. On POPNOMICS™ Viewers get paid in PopularCoins and receive the benefit of their valuable time based on their participation. Artists are ensured that the Popular media they create is rightfully compensated. If an Artists media gets thousands of likes and shares then the Artist receives the benefit of funds generated from their media.

In order to protect and copyright artists media POPNOMICS™ uses the PopularCoin™ decentralized blockchain to create Licensing Contracts which will be stored viewable and verifiable by the global network. The license data can then be accessed in order to pay royalties and keep a secure record of payouts.

By “POPPing Up Daily” and creating small transactions for normal social media interactions, the POPNOMICS™ App creates velocity of money where the values are flowing fluently throughout the social economic system.

Self-Sustaining POPNOMICS™ Circular Social Economic System and the PoP Payout Algorithm:

POP Proof of Play (PoP): Participation Algorithms that track user activity and popularity which pays out from a daily budget provided by advertisers

Within the POPNOMICS™ App one finds a self-sustaining system that is built to pay users back for their participation via PoP. As users use the POPNOMICS™ App they are rewarded for their participation! That is right just use the POPNOMICS™ App like you do any other app and you get paid Popular Coins.   

How The POPNOMICS™ App works:

Artists: Artists who Broadcast and Publish Via the POPNOMICS™ App

Users: POPNOMICS™ App Users Post, Make Comments, Rate Artists

Technology and Hardware: App Development and Hardware Funding

Marketing and Media: Dedicated to Promoting PopularCoin™ and POPNOMICS™

Charity: User Selected Daily Charity

Daily POP Supply (DPS): The total supply of POP funded by advertisers for the day

Funding Method: Advertisers Fund a Daily POP Budget to Advertise in POPNOMICS™ App

All proceeds from the sales of advertisements on the POPNOMICS™ App is tracked and paid to each user based on their PoP and proportionately delivered on a daily basis at 00 Universal Time (UT). 50% to users, 25% to artists, 10% to Technology and Hardware for the POPNOMICS™ App, 10% to POPNOMICS™ Marketing, and 5% to a user selected charity.

User Daily POP Total (UDPT): 50% of the days total supply of POP funded by advertisers goes to all users on the POPNOMICS™ App

Artist Daily POP Total (ADPT): 25% of the days total supply of POP funded by advertisers goes to all the Artist using the POPNOMICS™ App

Technology Daily POP Total (TDPT): 10% of the days total supply of POP funded by advertisers goes to technology development and hardware for the POPNOMICS™ App

Marketing Daily POP Total (MDPT): 10% of the days total supply of POP funded by advertisers goes to promoting the brans PopularCoin™ and POPNOMICS™

Charity Daily POP Total (CDPT): 5% of the days total supply of POP funded by advertisers goes to a daily community selected charity

Note: All Payments and Payouts are available to view and verify on the Popular Coin™ Blockchain

User Advertising Participation Preference:

Users are able to determine the amount of advertisements they receive and the kinds of advertisements they receive.

Difficulty Level (DL): The level at which the user prefers to interact with advertisements

    • In the users settings panel they find the Difficulty Level which is an option to set the amount of advertisement they receive. If the user chooses 100% they will receive the highest amount advertisements and they will also receive the highest amount of payout. If the user decides that they prefer not to see advertisements, they can choose 5% and will receive only 5% of their potential PoP payout.
  • The user is given the option of deciding exactly what kinds of advertisements they will be viewing. The user must select at least 3 advertisement categories out of a list of potential advertising groups. If the user prefers sports related ads and they choose the sports related option, then the advertisements they view will be sports related. Another example is a user that would rather view advertisements regarding something that is in their field like science or nutrition, they choose the science or nutrition category and they are able to learn about new products from the chosen field.

How the Numbers Workout:

User POP Points (UPP): Users Personal Aggregated Score Based on the Users Activity and Popularity

Artist POP Points (APP): Artists Personal Aggregated Score Based on the Artists Activity and Popularity

Users Total POP Points (UTPP): Users total POP Points is determined by multiplying the users Difficulty Level and their User POP Points [DL * UPS = UTP]

Artists Total POP Points (ATPP): Users total POP is determined by multiplying the users Difficulty Level and their User POP Score [DL * APP = ATPP]

User Cumulative POP Points (UCPP): The sum of all Users Total POP on the POPNOMICS™ App

Artist Cumulative POP Points (ACPP): The sum of all Artists Total POP Points on the POPNOMICS™ App

Users Payout Percentage (UPP): The Users Total POP percentage of the User Cumulative POP Points [UTPP / UCPP = UPP]

Artists Payout Percentage (APP): The Artists Total POP percentage of the Artist Cumulative POP Points [ATPP / ACPP = APP]

Users Daily POP Reward (UDPR): The users Daily POP Payout reward for the day is calculated by multiplying the Users Payout Percentage by the Users Daily POP Total


Artists Daily POP Reward (ADPR): The Artists Daily POP Payout reward for the day is calculated by multiplying the Artists Payout Percentage by the Artists Daily POP Total


At the end of the day all daily POP Points™ Rewards are calculated and Popular Coins are distributed to users and artist based on the Payout Percentages via the Popular Coin™ Blockchain. After the day is over all numbers are reset to O where the whole POPNOMICS™ App platform begins another daily cycle.

User Data and More POP Payout:

There is a bonus, users get paid even more POP! POPNOMICS™ App users get to decide whether or not their user data is tracked or captured and if it is tracked, the user gets to decide what they do with their data. Yes, that is right, users get to own their personal usage data and can sell their personal user data to the highest bidder.

Companies like facebook, google, yahoo, and bing, and even internet service providers are allowed to collect and then sell everyones user search and activity data. At POPNOMICS™ App we think that the people who are participating should be rewarded for their participation and not taken advantage of so we give you the keys to your own activity data.

The POPNOMICS™ App MarketPlace and Payment Portal:

Now that the users have accumulated Popular Coins what better place than right inside the app is a place where they can head right over to the POPNOMICS™ MarketPlace and buy the product that they just viewed an ad from. Streamlining the connection between the advertisers and their customers. What’s more, all users and merchants are able to accept Popular Coins in real time.

POPNOMICS Payment Portal (PPP): Peer to peer transaction portal that allows merchants to and users accept payments in Popular Coin™ via the POPNOMICS™ App


Poplar Coin™ has the ability to reach out to Popular Culture and become a leader in the teaching of Bitcoins basics. What it takes is all of us working together as a team and we can raise the value of Popular Coin™ one step at a time. As more Popular Coin™ users adopt the technology the value of POP will rise and benefit the earlier adopters, that trend can continue until literally everyone in the world has benefited.

Popular Coin™ fulfills all the wants and needs of internet users that are looking for a way to make transactions without having to go through a third party and with the POPNOMICS™ App users have a stream lined way to use POP on their digital devices. As we have discovered, the POPNOMICS™ App is a self-sustaining economic ecosystem that brings all of the arts together.

Now is the right time to get into crypto currencies and start to learn blockchain technology. Popular Coin™ provides an easy way to submerse yourself in the brave new world of these digital currencies. Once on board, together we can work to raise the value of Popular Coin™ while uncovering mysteries behind what makes things popular!

Social Economics

POPNOMICS™ is a Circular Social Economic System that effectively eliminates the middle man between the artist and the viewer that is making money off peoples time and puts the funding back into the users hands where they can then buy their favorite products, and spend money back into the economy. As POP funding moves around the POPNOMICS™ platform when people like and share, play games, or make purchases, this creates momentum and that momentum builds to become velocity.

Join the POPNOMICS™ POP Circular Social Economic System™,

An Adventure in the Velocity of Money.

Visit www.popnomics.com


[1] S. Nakamoto, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf, 2009.

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