POPCOIN First Version 1.0 Old Chain Information

As of June 16 2018 the first POPCOIN Chain Listed as PopularCoin Classic (POPC) and Begins the Swap Redistribution to PopularCoin (POP) V2.0 at MeanXtrade

There are mostly Similarities Between the PopularCoin V1.0 and the PopularCoin V2.0. The Main Difference is that the New Chain is a Hybrid Scrypt Chain with Slower Block Speed to allow for users to easier sync their wallets and more transactions as well as a new blockchain licensing function along with Proof of Stake Minting rewards at 5% Annual on Average.

You Can Find the PopularCoin (Classic) V1.0 Github Source here: https://github.com/Pop-Currency-Foundation/POPCOIN-PopularCoin-First-Version-Master

You Can find the Final V1.8.1 wallet releases for Mac and Windows here: https://github.com/Pop-Currency-Foundation/POPCOIN-PopularCoin-First-Version-Master/releases/

The PopularCoin Classic V1.0 Chain is Promised to be Maintained Until after the two year swap period for more information about the PopularCoin V1.0 to V2.0 Swap Click here

Here is a Live POPCOIN V1.0 Block Explorer

You Can Visit a Capture of the PopularCoin Classic POPCOIN Core Version 1.0 Website User Interface Click here

For all of the New Version 2.0 Information you can visit the Main Website at PopularCoin.com

Don’t forget to join the Team on telegram and say hi or if you have any questions!

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