How to Install New Popular Coin Computer Wallet and Securely Backup Your Coins on Mac and Windows

The New Popular Coin V2.0 Wallets are Here!

Follow These Instructions and Learn How to Install the New Popular Coin v2.0 Wallet and Securely Backup Your Coins and Mac and Windows.

It’s not very difficult at all!

First visit the Computer wallets section on the

Click the Download link to the POP Wallet for the Operating System of your Choice and you will receive the official github compiles of Popular Coin Digital Computer Wallet.

Now Open the .zip file and drag the PopularCoin-Qt.v2.0 App or Exe File to your desktop or the folder of your choice where you your first PopularCoin wallet.

Last thing you need to do is Double Click the App or Exe File and your wallet will open and begin to sync!

For some operating systems you will have to allow for the POP wallet to connect and sync with the PopularCoin network by selecting “Allow PopularCoin-Qt”

Once your Wallet is Completely Open you will notice it connecting to the network and syncing the block chain!

Now you can delete your old PopularCoin Version POP Wallets and are good to go!

Now that you have your new Wallet Installed it is recommended to create a backup. Follow this link for instructions on how to backup your PopularCoin Wallet:

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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