How to Encrypt and Secure your Popular Coin Digital Computer Wallet

Securing your Digital Computer Popular Coin Wallet is Easy!

You can Secure your Wallet by Encrypting it with a Secret Password or Passphrase.

Just open your POP Wallet and click on ‘Settings’ then click ‘Encrypt Wallet’

Next you will be instructed to input your new password or passphrase two times to ensure the correct string of characters is in place.

It is recommended that you use at least a long password and best to use a passphrase. For your password you can use special characters as well. Again it is recommend to use an entire passphrase. An example of a good passphrase would be “the purple rabbit jumps over the slow turtle run rabbit run”

Once you have inputted your chosen passphrase click “OK”

Be Sure to Save Your Password or Passphrase. IF YOU LOOSE OR FORGET YOUR PASSWORD YOU WILL LOOSE ALL COINS. The wallet is now encrypted and it will not be possible to access the POP Coins or Send them Without the Complete and Exact Same Passphrase as the one you inputted on encryption.

Now that we have encrypted your wallet we can move on to creating a backup to ensure that your Popular Coins are 100% safe!

Click here for a tutorial on how to backup your Popular Coin Digital Wallet.

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