Basic Rules

  • For Signing Up You Receive 1000 POP Points
  • At The Beginning Of Every Day You Receive 1000 POP Points
  • When Your Post is Liked You Get 5 POP Points
  • When Your Post is Shared You Get 25 POP Points
  • When A User Shares Your Post That Has Already Been Shared by Another User You Get 15 Points and the User Who Had Shared Your Post Gets 10 Points
  • You Can Tip a Post if You Really Like it to Raise the Posts Place In The Leaderboard
  • Throughout The Day All Users Points Are Totaled To Get The Daily Points Supply
  • There Is A Daily Leaderboard Where You Can See The User With The Most Points For The Day (Sometimes the daily winner will also win a bonus prize)
  • You Have The Ability To Create Advertisements On The POPNOMICS™ Platform
  • All Funding For Advertising Must Be Paid In PopularCoin (POP) (which will soon have an option to deposit for now contact admin@popnomics.com to purchase POP on the platform for advertising)
  • Every Time A User Is Subjected To An Advertisement, The POP Generated From That Advertisement Will Go Into The Daily POP (the total funding for the day)
  • At The End Of Each Day Users POP Points Will Be Converted into PopularCoin (POP) Digital Currency Based On How Much POP Advertising
  • At The End Of The Day The Cycle Repeats Every 24 hours

Important Rules

  • Withdrawals must be made through meanxtrade account
  • During Beta POPNOMICS™ Developers Reserve the Right to Clear Scores, Clear Balances, Modify Base Payouts, Change Points Rewards, Delete Users and freeze accounts at will or at error of the system. Do not consider any of the funding you have on the platform 100% secure. Although every payout is intended to be produced during beta there is no promise that the withdrawal will be fulfilled.

Rules of Engagement

  • All posts and comments MUST REMAIN LEGAL and NO SPAM.
  • If Your Account is Found to Be Producing Illegal Content Your Full Account Information Will Be Provided to Law Enforcement
  • People Are Encourage to Promote their Products and Ideas but not in a repetitive spammy fashion.
  • No Cheating – If a users account is found to have collected Points By using Methods Such as Created Secondary Accounts Or Manipulating the System In Any Way, their account May Be Frozen By Admin, Their Assets May be Seized Indefinitely.
  • If An Account is Found to Be In Violation of any POPNOMICS™ Rules The Account Will Be Frozen/Deleted or Email Banned by the System
  • POPNOMICS™ Has the right and will delete accounts and/or collect the accounts funding after 12 months of no use.

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