POPNOMICS Beta Social Media Game Announcing 25 Million POP Airdrop Schedule Through 2018 to 2019

POPNOMICS™ – The Social Media That Pays™ has Announced an Airdrop Schedule that Pays out 25 Million Popular Coin (POP) in Total leading us through the end of 2018 and into 2019!

Message from POPNOMICS:


We are Happy to announce that POPNOMICS Beta has been getting great user activity which has helped us in development and development is to the point where we are ready for marketing and to bring on even more new users! POPNOMICS will remain in beta as we have many more additions to bring you all including a marketplace, cloud drive, group functionality, games, and much more!

To Kick off the Marketing now that we are ready and to show the users our appreciation, we have put together a 25 Million POP Airdrop schedule!

Along with the POP Funding for the Daily Pot that all POPNOMICS users split at the end of the day we are adding an Airdrop Bonus!

Each day will start with the Airdrop Being Added to the pot! At the end of the day just like all days – the users split the pot of POP based on the amount of POPNOMICS Points™ that they have accumulated.

As the Airdrop schedule goes on through the end of the year and leading into the next, the amount of POP that is included in the Airdrop will grow all The way up to 1,000,000 (Million) POP per day at the end of the year!

The PopularCoin™ POPNOMICS™ Airdrop Schedule Starting November 1:

Thursday Nov. 1 – Wednesday Nov. 7

  • 10,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 1000 POP

Thursday Nov. 8 – Wednesday Nov. 14

  • 25,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 2500 POP

Thursday Nov. 15 – Wednesday Nov. 21

  • 50,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 2500 POP

Thursday Nov. 22 – Wednesday Nov. 28

  • 75,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 2500 POP

Thursday Nov. 29 – Wednesday Dev. 5

  • 100,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 5000 POP

Thursday Dec. 6 – Wednesday Dec. 12

  • 250,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 5000 POP

Thursday Dec. 13 – Wednesday Dec. 19

  • 500,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 10000 POP

Thursday Dec. 20 – Wednesday Dec. 26

  • 750,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 10000 POP

December 28, 29, 30, 31

  • 1,000,000 POP Airdrop – Winner + 10000 POP

All January – 1st Month of New Year

  • 100,000 POP Airdrop Each day – Winner + 1000 POP


The Airdrop Schedule goes on through January of 2019!, Cheers

We Hope that you are enjoying POPNOMICS™ and look forward to seeing your posts in the future!


To learn more go to POPNOMICS.COM

As always don’t forget to join dev and team on telegram and say hi, or if you have any questions.

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