Popular Coin Announces The Launch Of POPNOMICS Beta Social Economic System – The Social Media That Pays

PopularCoin™ Development is Happy to Announce the Beta Launch of POPNOMICS™ Social Media Platform – The Social Media That Pays

Click here to visit POPNOMICS™ .com where you will win 1000 POP Points when you signup to get you started and earning POP on your first day!

Everyday you get Paid On POPNOMICS!

Earn PopularCoin™ just by participating in POPNOMICS!
Every day all users receive 1000 POP points to start the day, how Many Points they have at the end of the day depends on the quality of their posts and their group of friends!

POPNOMICS Beta Users are promised to split all the advertising funding collected on the Platform

Take a look at POPNOMICS.com

  • You can see the user leaderboad and findout who has the leading posts for the day!
  • You can Create Posts with Images, Audio, and even Video!
  • You can Create and Manage Advertisements on the platform!
  • Every day you get paid no matter what!
  • The list goes on!

Join the Beta, We could use your help!

During the POPNOMICS Beta Process, our users have the ability to join the team at an early stage and show support for PopularCoin team and all the work that they are doing. For any questions or support you can visit the POPNOMICS Wi$eOwl Profile and ask a question or email support@popnomics.com

Visit POPNOMICS.com to View the Beta and Start Earning PopularCoin™ (POP) Today

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