An Investor’s View Of PopularCoin

As a crypto speculator, I’m always looking for the next undiscovered altcoin to add to my portfolio.  The more I looked at POP recently the more impressed I was with the value as of right now.  Here’s why I’m bullish on PopularCoin:

  • The pricing feed is broken, but an active market does in fact exist.  The POP/BTC pair on Cryptopia is not yet listed on, keeping POP under the radar and depressing the price temporarily.  CMC should be corrected in a few days.
  • A white paper is being published in a few days.
  • POP has solid, useful technology with 51-second block times.
  • A friendly admin is active on discord with an active group focused on the community aspects of the project.
  • Dev/admin actively researching/adding exchanges (yobit coming soon).
  • A full rebrand across social media is underway.

All this adds up to what I think is a fantastic buy signal.  The CMC feed will be fixed eventually, the white paper will add direction & clarity, more exchanges will increase exposure, and all this will happen to a crypto coin that’s good at what it does.  POP feels like an undervalued altcoin, a moon shot waiting to happen, I’m in heavy & hodling.


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