Popular Coin What to Expect for 2018 POPNOMICS™ App and Marketing Plan

What can we expect for 2018?

The agenda:

  • New Popular Coin advertisement videos and full pressed marketing campaign
  • Working to expand the market with new exchanges coming, making a full effort to be traded on every exchange out there, users are encouraged to put in the request to their favorite exchanges
  • Popular Coin and POPNOMICS™ are funded to start production on the new POPNOMICS™ App and expect to launch the first version by the middle of 2018
  • Build developer team, offer bounties and rewards to bring more high end developers onto the Popular Coin team
  • Launch PopularCoin V2.0
  • Grow Social media marketing and find more team members to manage social media accounts and forum admins
  • Scale seed node network in preparation for mass adoption
  • Continue development on the app
  • Reach out and connect with media content providers such as Universal
  • Gear up to be ready for viral adoption by Popular Culture


Marketing Plan:

Marketing is the driving force behind gaining users and lifting the value of Popular Coin. Once people find out about Popular Coin there is a very high chance that they will want to learn more. The opportunity we present  to them is unique and promising in the new age of digital currency and we are dedicated to positive representation with all marketing done through www.popularcoin.com

Here are the methods we will use to continue reaching out to potential new users and investors. There are plenty of people who have yet to even hear about Popular Coin, it is our goal to reach out to them and present our brand in a way that will be sure to communicate the highest value of Popular Coin.

  • Continue boosting website SEO by publishing pages with keywords via the POPNOMICS™ Forum on popularcoin.com/popnomics
  • Continue working with users via the chat apps discord and telegram to improve the product and create social media campaigns
  • Upgrade website and web front
  • Produce press releases on blogs, forums, and other cryptocurrency communities in order to create backlinks to help improve popularcoin.com SEO
  • Reach out to YouTubers, Twitter Users, Instagram Users, and request that they provide video review and promotion for Popular Coin
  • Build a marketing team that can manage more social media, website interactions, and chat group admins
  • Work to gain the best understanding of what users would like and working to implement that into the Popular Coin and POPNOMICS™ App front and development

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