POPNOMICS™ Advertising

Advertising on POPNOMICS™

Advertisers are encouraged to join and create a profile page for their agency on POPNOMICS™ where all users have the ability to advertise!

Just Create a POPNOMICS™ Account and then visit your “My Advertising” Panel where you will be able to create advertising campaigns by uploading the image that you would like to advertise along with a link and set the amount of views that you would like for your advertisement.

Advertisers can even create a brand account and make posts regarding their products!

Advertising and Price

    • All Advertising on POPNOMICS™ must be paid with PopularCoin (POP)
    • During Beta the price of advertising will be adjusted based on demand and for testing purposes
    • The ultimate goal is to charge somewhere between 0.01-0.03 usd/eur for each advertisement view that a user is subjected to on the platform
    • Advertisers can purchase POP on an exchange and deposit to their POPNOMICS™ Account (Currently Not on the Live Beta to buy advertising POP during beta please contact admin@popnomics.com)
    • All advertisements are loaded on the users page and cannot be dismissed by adblockers
    • A view is counted every time a user loads your advertisement
    • Currently there is only basic functionality but we will be building on this feature as we head into the future

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